Plug-and-play, right out of the box, and so easy for your patients to use.

The power of
real-time data and
optimized care.

Leverage an advanced set of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth tools in Qure4u’s digital health platform to manage comprehensive health while innovating a new line of business.

Enable state-of-the-art clinical care

  • Make better clinical decisions based on comprehensive, real-time patient data.
  • Review and act on alerts — automatically generated based on your parameters.
  • Intervene earlier with telehealth or in-person care to ensure better outcomes.
  • Take advantage of custom care plans or templates for diabetes, asthma, and more.

Flexible RPM options allow you to serve a wider population of patients

  • Monitor seniors on Medicare, discharged patients, or anyone with a chronic condition.
  • Automate follow-up communication after a care encounter.
  • Intervene earlier with telehealth or in-person care to ensure better outcomes.
  • Increase revenue opportunities between visits with monthly RPM monitoring and billing.

At-home telehealth and RPM clinical services satisfy patient needs and preferences

  • Integrate with hundreds of Bluetooth sensors and devices — including the patient’s own devices.
  • Keep patients engaged and on-track with care plans.
  • Gain patient loyalty and earn high satisfaction scores.

Continue the Circle of Care
and improve patient satisfaction


Connecting patients and providers
before, during, and after the visit
through our Circle of Care


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