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Our Platform connects to 100+ Bluetooth enable medical devices, allowing your patients to measure their vitals at home

HIPAA Compliant

Our Platform is HIPAA-compliant and secure
for all your RPM needs.

Access from anywhere

We created our platform with both you and your patients in mind; Our RPM tool is intuitive, simple yet powerful

All-In-One Solution for RPM

At-home monitoring for high-risk patients and or patients with chronic conditions

Qure4u’s RPM will help you meet your patients’ expectations while increasing your revenue between in-person visits. Our RPM platform features allow for easy collection, review, and transfer of home-monitored vitals. Patients can collect data via Bluetooth integrated devices and apps ( >100 different devices ) or use manual data entry. Data is easily reviewed and transferred to the patient’s chart.

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A Simple Yet Powerful RPM Platform

Enroll Patients in a care plan

Once you decide what should be monitored at home, set up the appropriate Care Plan for your patient. Our Platform helps to optimize the RPM process by providing Care Plan Templates for the most common chronic conditions, e.g., hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, as well as giving you the ability to set up custom care plans.

Remote Patient Monitoring
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Once the patient’s care plan is set up, patients can log in to the MyCarePlan app; the app will then prompt your patients with daily tasks for when and what needs to be monitored. The requested data can be entered manually by the patient or collected by one of many Bluetooth integrated devices.

Review data & Import to EHR

The data collected from your patients will seamlessly and securely integrate into your EHR where you can monitor, review, and report on the status of your patient-generated health data, at your convenience. You or your care team will receive a follow-up alert if your patient’s data exceeds the assigned care plan parameters, allowing you to provide immediate next steps.

Increase Revenue

Billing is as simple as 1-2-3! Bill once for initial setup, and then monthly for device access and time spent monitoring and communicating with your patient about their care plan.

Yes! It is that simple for you and your patients

Enable New Billing Codes

Here is a few:

Code 99453 – One-time code with reimbursement ~ $21 for helping a patient set up a remote monitoring device, andteaching them how to use it.

Code 99454 – Once per month with reimbursement ~$69 for supplying the patient with a remote monitoring device.

Code 99457 – Once per month with reimbursement ~$59 for spending 20+ minutes communicating interactively with patient or caregiver concerning remote care treatment management

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