Remote Patient Monitoring

Align remote patient monitoring (RPM) with clinical goals for your patients and financial goals for your business.


» Enable state-of-the-art clinical care

  • Real-time patient data
  • Seamless EHR-integration
  • Synchronous and non-synchronous
    virtual care
  • Care plan templates
  • Custom reports
  • Improved outcomes

» Serve a wider population of patients

  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension and weight management
  • Medication management
  • COPD and asthma

» Create a new line of business

  • Bill for set up and monthly monitoring
    with CPT codes
  • Outsourced end-to-end billing and
    reporting option from Qure4u
  • White label RPM for increased
    brand awareness and loyalty

» Satisfy patient needs and preferences

  • Ready-to-use device kits with
    Wi-Fi from AT&T
  • Full 1:1 patient technical support
    from Qure4u Patient Advocates
  • Automated task reminders
  • 100+ consumer wearables

Digital Health Platform: Monitor

Leverage an advanced set of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth tools in Qure4u’s digital health platform to manage comprehensive health while innovating a new line of business.

» Enable state-of-the-art clinical care

  • Make better clinical decisions based on comprehensive, real-time patient data
  • Review and act on alerts — automatically generated based on your parameters
  • Intervene earlier with telehealth or in-person care to ensure better outcomes
  • Take advantage of custom care plans or templates for diabetes, asthma, and more

 One platform delivers the entire patient journey from access to engagement to monitoring and follow-up.

» Flexible RPM options allow you to serve a wider population of patients

  • Monitor seniors on Medicare, discharged patients, or anyone with a chronic condition
  • Automate follow-up communication after a care encounter
  • Intervene earlier with telehealth or in-person care to ensure better outcomes
  • Increase revenue opportunities between visits with monthly RPM monitoring and billing

» At-home telehealth and RPM clinical services satisfy patient needs and preferences

  • Integrate with hundreds of Bluetooth sensors and devices —including the patient’s own devices
  • Keep patients engaged and on-track with care plans
  • Gain patient loyalty and earn high satisfaction scores

 One platform delivers the entire patient journey from access to engagement to monitoring and follow-up.

A simple yet truly innovative platform!

Experience the power of real-time data and optimized care
Smartphone with heartbeat icon

Our Platform connects to 100+ Bluetooth enabled medical devices, allowing your patients to measure their vitals at home

HIPAA Compliant

Our Platform is HIPAA-compliant and secure
for all your RPM needs.

Access from anywhere

We created our platform with both you and your patients in mind; Our RPM tool is intuitive, simple yet powerful

Remote Patient Monitoring [RPM]:

At-home monitoring for all patients and or patients with chronic conditions

» RPM Code Examples:

CPT 99454 ~$69
Once per month reimbursement for supplying
the patient with a remote monitoring device.

CPT 99091 ~$59

Once per month reimbursement for 30 minutes
of data review by qualified health professionals.

CPT 99457 ~$54

Once per month reimbursement for spending
20+ minutes communicating interactively with
patient or caregiver concerning remote care
treatment management.

CPT 99458 ~$43

Add-on reimbursement for an additional 20
minutes of remote monitoring per month.

CPT 99453 ~$21

One-time reimbursement for helping a patient set up
a remote monitoring device and learn how to use it.

» RPM Code Examples:

Turn RPM into a worthwhile offering instead of an operational setback.

  • Manage RPM easily through your own EHR system
  • Defer patient technical assistance to Qure4u’s full-service team
  • Order ready-to-use device kits for seamless onboarding or for patients who may not have access to Wi-Fi

Make monitoring a high-value part of your care offerings! Learn more about the complete, EHR integrated Qure4u digital health platform.

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